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Feedback / Experience Sharing

Feedback / Experience Sharing
  • Anudnya at 25-09-2016 This shastra gives us simple and easy solutions to a myriad of problems and engenders a better quality of life. This has paved us a positive way out to all the various issues that hold us back and trouble us be it emotional, psychological and even financial. It has also helped in strengthening estranged relationships by dealing with the root cause . I would reason that this shastra has enabled me to explore myself and step beyond the boundaries that I had set for myself. It has galvanized me to "Know Myself" with alacrity and had developed better qualities in me. Due to this shastra, I am experiencing true happiness and peace & the tedious life is worth living now..... I am truly grateful to this Sir and Shastra. Thank You!

  • Bhagyshri Kedar Kulkarni at 25-04-2016

    This is totally “know yourself journey ” which finds you… within you !! My experience life has totally changed going on a very different track for which I was struggling. I had met truly pure souls who made me to understood my original personality. This workshop gave us health, wealth, success, stability, importance of relations . As a woman, which are the inbuilt qualities are there in me by default that were shown by this shastra to me. Today we were fully satisfied with this life only because of this one day workshop. I would like to Thank my Guru Sir , from the bottom of my heart who made this journey very beautiful.

  • Leena Padhye at 13-07-2015

    It is one of the most scientific discoveries by our ancestors ! They are the real scientists. ” Know Yourself” is the journey within yourself. You are your own philosopher,mentor and guide.
    Here you learn the language of meta physics and its significance in your material as well as spiritual life. The remedies to cure and bring the rhythm within.The more i am walking on this path the more i discover about myself as well as the universe !
    There is no knowledge greater than the Universal Knowledge and no power greater than the power of Guru.

    Highly greatful to my GURU for choosing me to walk on this path !

  • PAWAN RATHI at 30-11--0001

    First of all, my sincere thanks to Baba, Jagdish Sir, Vijay Sir & people who introduced me to this Shastra.

    This path has totally changed my views towards life & other people. I got miraculous result in my financial & health aspects.

    Being professionally qualified I was reluctant to believe in the initial phase but when I got unbelievable results in a very short period, I compelled to stop using my mind.

    It’s very amazing Shastra . I would like to recommend this to everybody in today’s very hectic & tensionfull life.

  • Soniya Rathi at 30-11--0001

    This SHASTRA has balanced & gave direction to my life. It also helped me to realize “WHAT I AM” & “WHAT ENERGY LIES INSIDE ME”. It also taught me that how NADI can help me in gaining health & wealth. Its very miraculous & wonderful SHASTRA.
    Hearty “THANKS” to my GURU’S for giving me health, Success, Peace, Wealth & enlighting my life with the knowledge of this SHASTRA. Thanks to even those who directly or indirectly helped me to reach this path.

  • Nitesh More at 30-11--0001

    Thank you Sadguru Academy for introducing me “Shiv-Swar-Uday” Shastra. This is such a simple, beautiful and powerful Shastra which has changed my life in many ways. Everyday in everything is getting better, better and better for me just by following the shastra.

    I am in much better health, relationships and mental peace from the day i am following the shastra.

    I had many good experiences today about how things can be done so easily which i was finding it difficult before getting introduce to shastra.

    Thank you GOD and my GURUS for everything.


    This shastra helped me understand that “Every man writes his own destiny”.Life is not a competition.Each one is on their own journey.Live according to your choices,capacity,values and principles.
    Kundalini Shastra tought me that right breathe leads to a right decision.

  • Kali Avinash Chandrakant at 30-11--0001

    I learned through this shastra to enjoy through very small, small things in my life.Now,by strengthing the relation between me and my family, friends, I am progressing in my life. As I am working in civil engineering field,now, I learned about the energy distribution in “Vastu”, accordingly I am better designing structures. Amazing and wonderful shastra.

  • Kali Avinash Chandrakant at 30-11--0001

    Every one is searching for “Sukhi Manasacha Sadara”. I achieved this from Shiv Swaroday Shashtra. Thanks

  • SEEMA A KALI at 30-11--0001

    Amazing And Superb Shastra
    nothing is beyond this ultimate start and ultimate end
    learn to love and live beautifully
    the only and only beautiful path to ur success an achivements..
    The only way were u will feel never alone, ..realisation of power of god within u ,
    And for me ultimately blessings of gurus, making realisation of stri shakti .
    Tons tons of thanks god made me to reach this beautiful and amazing path with all my respect and loving gurus.